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As we all try to navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking ourselves the same questions daily, and at times even multiple times during a day. These questions may center around feelings of:

  • Uneasiness and anxiety in our everyday quarantine lives
  • Anxiety over work
  • Anxiety over the health threat to our family
  • Work Life balance plus navigating that with children and pets over the 7-day week
  • … and much more

What you get!

In the upcoming weeks we will be unveiling a solution that will allow you to gauge your answers to these questions relative to everyone else. How will we accomplish this?


We will present a simple survey with less than 10 questions that takes less than 60 seconds to complete. This survey will be sent for analysis with Microsoft AI to apply a sentiment score for each response, and then visualized with Microsoft Power BI.

From enterprise clients to your next-door neighbor, everyone keeps hearing about data, data, data! We all have an overflow of data, yet most have yet to figure out how to harness all the data at our fingertips. Buzz words include data viz, business intelligence, reports and dashboards, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI.

Sentiment scores are displaying the central tendency, median, to minimize any potential data skews from using mean/average unless otherwise indicated. With these sentiment scores, we will provide the following charts and graphs similar to what you see below:

Picture 1: Covid-19 Overall Sentiments Page 1

The image above shows the main screen in our Covid-19 Sentiment Analysis which depicts the following:

  • Median Sentiment in a Line Histogram of Survey Responses over a rolling 1 week (7 day) period
  • Overall Sentiments in a Map View by Country with drill downs into discrete sentiment values
  • Numeric sentiment value broken into
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Health
    • Social Distancing and its impact in Software
    • Work from Home (WFH)
    • Virtual Classroom / Home Schooling
  • Check boxes to permit you to filter on Employment Status

Picture 2: Covid-19 Overall Sentiment Page 2


The image above shows page 2 of the dashboard for our Covid-19 Sentiment Analysis which depicts the following:

  • Median Sentiment in a Map visual with drill down into Region/State and City
  • Contextual Drill-downs by Sentiment Heat Map by
    • Mental
    • Health
    • Social Distance
    • Work From Home
    • Virtual Classroom


Picture 3: Covid-19 Overall Sentiment Page 3


The image above shows page 3 of the dashboard for our Covid-19 Sentiment Analysis which depicts the following:

  • Raw Survey Data that looks at almost all the data points used to model the visuals in page 1 and page 2

What you give!

Accessing the COVID19 Sentiment Analysis Power BI report that we hope you will find both meaningful and insightful does require input. The good news… you are only asked to respond to:

  • Three (3) Yes or No questions
  • Five (5) open ended questions

File 001


So in essence in only Eight (8) questions we are able to discern all the above.

The magic in-between!

It’s not by accident that the What you give section is small in comparison to the What you get, with so many steps between the survey and the Power BI report. This blog post serves as a primer to technical deep dive posts in the subsequent weeks. In these more technical posts, we will break it down into three (3) major topics with the technology platform decisions described therein:

  • Data Capture and Wrangling
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Insights, Reporting, and Analytics

The technology break down at a high level will discuss the choices that go into why the solution was built using certain platforms. Some of the questions that will be answered are:

Whats next

I am fortunate to have the help of a brilliant creative Data Scientist who is really driving the Visuals and Power BI that you see in the screen shots above, her name is Katie Coriell and Ive linked to her LinkedIn profile and website ( As both of us have full time jobs and we are juggling this new normal for work and home life, we are working on this ‘Community’ project after-hours and on the weekends. We are in internal testing now, and we also want to run this by a few folks at Microsoft to get feedback. Once that is done and we have a freeze on the V1 of this product. We are thinking the end of the third week of April 2020 as of now, by that time, technical blog posts should be in a final draft phase and we want to supplement it with some video walkthrough. By the fourth week of April 2020, we expect to have sufficient real data to opened up i.e. Public URL for both the Survey (which upon submission) takes you to the Power BI report in the fifth week of April [yes there are 5 weeks in April 2020] we should be out the door. We look forward to you learning more about the amazing technologies that Microsoft cloud services have to offer and we welcome any questions and/or comments you may have.



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